Investment Principles


A core belief is that investment decisions directed by academic research and extensive testing will lead to better long-term results compared with investment strategies that rely on personal judgments and predictions.


Our investment advice is intended to: (i) generate superior risk-adjusted rates of return, and (ii) preserve wealth.


Our philosophy emphasizes portfolio design and management over stock picking.


We believe that it is critically important to tailor the advice we provide to match each client’s personal goals and circumstances. 


 We develop personalized model portfolios for each client that are consistent with the client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance.  


We have developed rules-based investment strategies that adapt our client’s model portfolios to the current state of the securities markets and the economy.


We monitor many widely accepted capital market risk signals and economic indicators and may hedge against a market correction.  


Our client portfolios are primarily invested in low-cost exchange traded funds that track well-established market indexes, such as the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 Index. We may also invest in individual bonds in appropriate circumstances. When individual bonds are acquired, the expectation is that they will be held to maturity.​  


Client portfolios are periodically rebalanced to make sure that the diversification of the actual portfolio remains consistent with the diversification represented by the client’s personal model portfolio.​  


We recognize that even the best investment performance can be undermined if taxes are not kept in mind. Therefore, we avoid trades that would result in excessive ordinary income taxes, and carefully manage capital gains taxes.