Portfolio Management

Our Philosophy

The Milwaukee Company favors strategically diversified portfolios of index-based exchange traded funds (“ETFs”) that are monitored over time, periodically rebalanced, and adapted to current conditions using quantitative models that reflect changes in the securities market and the economy. Our approach emphasizes the way portfolios are built and managed over stock picking or market timing. In short, we avoid swinging for the fences in favor of a higher batting average.

The Milwaukee Company manages client accounts using tactical asset allocation strategies we have developed, and that are based on historical evidence, academic research and quantitative analysis. Our tactical asset allocation strategies use carefully developed and extensively backtested algorithms to determine which securities are to be held in client accounts, share of the account to be allocated to each of the included securities.  

Our Strategies

Additional Services

The wide range of advice and services required to manage wealth in today’s complex world requires a team approach. To address this need, The Milwaukee Company collaborates with Willms-O’Leary, S.C.,a law firm founded by Andrew J. Willms, to offer a wide range of services to our mutual clients. We refer to this collaboration as our Support Stack. 

Our Fees

The Milwaukee Company is a fee-only investment advisor.  We do not receive any commissions or compensation from third parties. We do not compensate any individual or firm for client referrals, nor do we provide referrals to others for compensation.

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