Market Review: 10-02-2020

For the Week Ending October 02, 2020

By: Steven Doll, Portfolio Strategist

Markets ended the week higher despite headwinds of worse than expected jobs data as investors are cautiously optimistic on additional U.S. stimulus. U.S. large-cap stocks rose over 2.0% while U.S. small-cap stocks nearly rose 4.0%. Meanwhile, overseas, developed markets rose roughly 1.5% while emerging markets rose approximately 2.3%.

Interest rates rose with the 10-year treasury yield rising from 0.66% to 0.70%. However, the total U.S. bond market still managed to recognize a modest gain of roughly 0.04%.

The price of gold rose over 3.0% on the week to $1,906 an ounce amid stimulus hopes and a weakening U.S. dollar.

The price of crude oil dropped over 5.0% to $37.01 a barrel as demand slips on news of President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and concerns over a slowdown in the global economy.

Year-to Date Return (as of 10/02/2020)

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