Sector Rotation Strategy (SRS)

Strategy Overview

Milwaukee Company’s Sector Rotation Strategy (SRS) targets the main sectors of the U.S. stock market via a diversified portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs).  It is designed to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by capitalizing on the well-accepted principles of momentum and mean reversion (see side bar).


  • The momentum component increases allocations to sector ETFs that have recently outperformed the overall market. 


  • The mean reversion component over-weights sectors that exhibit strong fundamentals but have underperformed over a longer timeframe. 

SRS uses The Milwaukee Company Risk Index (MCRI), which provides an estimate of the probability of a stock market correction in the near-term, to manage risk and boost returns (see side bar).  SRS allocates 100% to equities when MCRI indicates lower- than-normal market risk, and 100% to bonds when MCRI indicates equity market risk is elevated.

Milwaukee Company Risk Index (MCRI)


The shaded areas below highlight times when MCRI signaled elevated equity market risk since 1994.


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  • Market-Weighted Sector Funds

The SRS fund universe is comprised of eleven market-weighted sector funds that are meant to cover all sectors included in the S&P 500.


  • Milwaukee Company Risk Index (MCRI)

MCRI seeks to measure the expected risk of the S&P 500 in the near term using a probit regression model based on various economic and market indicators.


  • Momentum

Market trends have a tendency to continue over the short term. Investing in market sectors that have outperformed over the short term creates the potential for above-market returns.

  • Mean Reversion

Academic research suggests investing in the sectors that have underperformed for a long period of time and possess good fundamentals tends to yield greater returns as the business cycle progresses.

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