The Milwaukee Company

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Good Company for Your Investments™

The core belief that underlies The Milwaukee Company’s approach to investment management is that investment decisions directed by academic research and extensive testing lead to better long-term results than those that rely on personal judgments and predictions.

Unlike market prognosticators who base their investment advice on their ability to forecast the future and outsmart the market, our approach is founded in academics, statistics, and historical evidence. We believe that attempts at "outsmarting the market" typically fail. By contrast, a globally diversified portfolio that is intelligently adapted and rebalanced through time to reflect prevailing conditions tends to generate superior risk-adjusted results. 

The Milwaukee Company’s rules-based strategies are designed to lower risk in comparison to a buy and hold approach.  The Milwaukee Company believes that academic research and extensive backtesting leads to better long-term results than investments directed by predictions or market timing.  The Milwaukee Company also believes that tactical asset allocation strategies based on market factors such as volatility and momentum are superior to stock-picking strategies or strategies driven solely by market valuations.